Inside Timothy Richards’ Architectural Model Workshop

by jlevetjr

Drayton Hall model by Timothy Richards

Drayton Hall model by Timothy Richards

I was recently able to get a insider’s look at Timothy Richards’ studio in Bath, England where he creates his fantastic architectural models!  Timothy Richards, for over 25 years ,has been creating architectural models of (mostly) classical architecture out of traditional materials such as plaster, bronze, and brass.  In recent years, Richards was asked by the Royal Institute of British Architects to build a series of replicas of Palladio’s works which were shown in a traveling exhibition.

Timothy Richards' Workshop

Timothy Richards’ Workshop

The process of building one of his models starts out with analyzing the building’s plan and elevation in great detail.  A master model is built from styrene sheets, resin, and wood.  Silicone-rubber molds are made from this master form which are used to cast the plaster for the finished piece.  The plaster for each piece is pigmented accordingly for the building so that no paint is used on the final product, creating an extremely realistic look.

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