A New Home for Columbia Plantation!

by jlevetjr

Colombia Plantation

Columbia Plantation, and important Louisiana Creole home, has recently been relocated to a piece of property between Evergreen and Whitney Plantation and is under restoration by a descendent of the original family.

The home is typical of a raised, creole plantation house, and was built by the Marmillion family in 1782.  While the home was originally raised a full level, it was, at some point, lowered to a single story.

Columbia Plantation before Restoration/Relocation

Columbia Plantation before Restoration/Relocation

The photo above was the first time I photographed the home and shows it in its lowered state.

Columbia Plantation after a little sprucing up!

Columbia Plantation after a little sprucing up!

The next time I visited, it had underwent minor restoration work, a paint-job, and obtained a new roof.  This was the state the home was in when it changed hands and was purchased by Norman Marmillion, a descendent of the original family and owner of nearby Laura Plantation.

Norman moved the home 6 miles upriver to a prime location in Edgard, LA, between two major plantations, Evergreen and Whitney, both of which boasts large, creole homes.

The house was unfortunately two wide for the River Road to make the journey directly upriver, so it had to be transported via a longer route, utilizing the width of a nearby highway.  The home made it to its new location safe and sound, and was placed, once again, upon a raised-basement to a height much more appropriate for the home.

The home at it's new location and under restoration!

The home at it’s new location and under restoration!

Norman is currently restoring the home to be a private residence, and there are plans to cover the property in elaborate gardens.

I’ll be posting more information as the project progresses!

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